Is that a wrench in your pocket or are you just happy to see this airplane?

That's a question for the 12 men chosen to star in the newest naughty calendar from Thai budget airline Nok Air.

Just as they recently partnered up with Playboy Thailand for a 2014 calendar of ladies, so too has the low-cost carrier done a deal with gay lifestyle magazine Attitude to produce a 2014 calendar of hot men.



This is a first for airline calendars, as the typical formula is to feature a bunch of scantily clad (or, in Aeroflot's case, completely nude) flight attendants or models throwing lascivious looks from the inside of aircraft.

It's only disappointing that Nok relies on Attitude's own male models for the shoot, posing them to look as though they're flight crew or maintenance, when we're pretty sure the airline has a few hunks they could've pulled from their own ranks.

The calendar should be available for purchase onboard Nok Air flights, but the airline's Facebook page hosted some sort of download contest that has since ended. This may become a piece of aviation history as we believe it to be the first airline calendar comprised solely of dudes, so hopefully some of you have a flight or two around Thailand coming up and are willing to spend a few Baht onboard.



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